We listen to your needs and together reach a solution.

The staff at Ty - Nant invoke the following philosophy of care for all residents. We are committed to providing the highest standards of care, respecting your privacy and dignity, within a safe, homely and comfortable environment regardless of age, disability or ill-health. You will receive a positive attitude towards your treatment.

We encourage independence where appropriate.

We have male and female care staff and you are welcome to choose who is to provide your personal care.

Our rooms are all single occupancy with en-suite facilities therefore providing all your personal needs in a private setting. All the bedrooms are en-suite, plus each floor has a number of bathrooms specialised with high - low baths.

Staff will always be curteous and knock before entering. They are trained to make every effort to respect your wishes. You are entitled to privacy when you have visitors or a consultation with other professionals involved in your care management such as a GP, Care Manager, Advocate or Financial advisor.


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